Foundation Council

The Boggesi of Piora donated two buildings dedicated to research and didactis. After renovations of the two buildings were completed legal documents were drawn up by the office of attorney Gabriele Gendotti in Faido thus creating, in 1994, the Alpine Biologiacl Center Foundation.


The foundation board is represented by the entities who gave their supporto to this center: Canton Ticino, the University of Geneva, the University of Zürich, the Corporation of the Boggesi of Piora and later the Swiss-Italian University.



The foundation's governing board members are:

  • Canton Ticino: Prof. R. Peduzzi, President (ex-Director of the Cantonal Institute of Microbiolgy ICM) and
    Mr. A. Giannini (Corporazione Boggesi di Piora)1
  • University of Geneva: Prof. J.L.Loizeau (F. A. Forel Institute) 2
  • University di Zürich: Prof. B.Schmid4
  • Swiss-Italian University: Prof. P.Martinoli (President USI) 3
  • LMA-SUPSI: Dr. M.Tonolla
  • Municipality Quinto: Prof. F.Celio

Secretary: Mrs. L.Ferrari-Casanova


In the constitution of 1994 promotional members were also part of the foundation board:

1 Remo Croce, ex-mayor of Quinto

2 Fabrizio Carlevaro, Prof. the University of Geneva

3 Mauro Martinoni, ex-Director of the Office of University Studies

4 Reinhard Bachofen, ex-Prof. Institute of Plant Biology University Zurich



Consiglio di Fondazione
Consiglio di Fondazione

Meeting Foundation Council - Airolo, Avril 2014

R.Peduzzi, A.Giannini, P.Martinoli, J.L.Loizeau, B.Schmid, M.Tonolla

R.Bachofen, S.Rusconi, S.Peduzzi, C.Tagliabue, L.Ferrari-Casanova


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