Alpine Biology Center (CBA)


The Alpine Biology Center Piora (CBA) has a mainly academic orientation, but is also open to

other kinds of schools and the public interested in nature

Alpine Biology Center (CBA)

The purpose of the Alpine Biology Center, Piora (CBA) is to promote higher education, scientific research, and to publicize the results of locally conducted research.


Created by the Canton Ticino with collaborations by The University of Zurich and Geneva, and recently by The University of Lugano (USI), CBA offers modern, fully equipped laboratories allowing vital components of university studies to be conducted in a natural environment (2000 metres above sea level).


The CBA provides the necessary materials for educational activities to take place in a practical and realistic setting in the fields of natural science and environment (hydrobiology, microbiology, botany, zoology, geology, agronomy, mountain farming, etc.)


While giving priority to university courses, the Center is also open to other schools and is suitable for courses in alpine ecology and hydrobiology, living nature, as well as laboratory work, seminars, workshops and conferences. The contents of scientific and educational courses is to be determined by the organizing institutions or university.


On a local level, the Alpine Biology Center works in collaboration with the Laboratorio di Microbiologia Applicata (LMA-SUPSI), the Cantonal Museum of Natural History, the Natural Sciences Society of Ticino (STSN), the ltalian Institute for the study of ecosystems (CNR Verbania-Pallanza) and other swiss and international institutions. 


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